Letter From The Editor

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Dear Reader,

Success is Possible; even with challenges!

For more than a year the challenges of launching a global magazine were many more than the inspirations to keep working on it. Inspite of everything and with steeled-determination, the reality was and still is the need to carry on. Failure was not an option.

Here we are now. Ready, capable, dynamic and filled with joy as we’ve come through the tough times and are safely now on the other side. The fun begins now, as we travel the globe we will bring you the best personal business stories you’ve ever read, listened to or watched.

In the coming months as we all emerge from the gloom of the global pandemic, business owners large and small will have a story to tell. We have the strategy to get their business back on track. We’re positioned to help them do so successfully, while providing you the reader, with tips and tools that may help you in your business comeback journey.

I’m Mandi-Delight Greenidge, Publisher and Editor at Large for Dry Oil Edible Magazine. I, along with my team of contributors and correspondents from around the world, look forward to sharing your personal business story with millions of readers from every corner of the globe.

We welcome you to our world, and we look forward to making an impact on yours!


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