Project Financing

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Across the globe new ventures in the Cannabis, Hemp, Extraction and Edible industries start up every day. Many by existing large-scale producers and others by budding entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, many don’t have the funding or the technical know-how to put the correct pieces together for success. We can help.

Since 1999 we have facilitated financing for companies in almost every business sector. Today, we facilitate funding for license producers, micro cultivators, research labs, dispensaries, nurseries, vape shops, edible manufacturers and other business around the world.

If you are an entrepreneur with an existing business or you have a new business idea that requires financing, consider working with us. Our process is easy.

  • 1. We will review your information
  • 2. We will provide solutions
  • 3. We will facilitate financing

We have seen many projects not get off the ground because of incomplete or improperly prepared document packages. Lenders and investors do not provide you with a template of how to put loan and investment packages together and they do not read 20-pages business plans!

Let us point out to you the areas of concern for an investor and correct them for your success.

The document review process takes 3 business days and your funding process can begin in a week.

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