Sh*t my boss is a pot smoking millennial.

By: dryoiledible
Updated on: October 15, 2020 at 12:21 pm

Since I started working in apharmaceutical company not too far from my new home, I have learntmore than ever before not to be taken aback by anything.
Being young is no excuse but he’s often rather unprofessional. In meetings he calls me Jane; other times he asks if I’ve come to bake some bread and other occasions he’s completely denied knowing any of us at the dispensary.
My thirty-some year old boss sees what no one else around sees and laughs in such a manner that even a long-buried dead can wake up; and if you think all these would make him forget that you got to work late the other day or that the balance sheet is yet to be sorted out, you’ve got to be kidding. He’s got everything saved up there.
Dr. Collins smokes pot and he’s unrepentant about it. Initially, when I got hired to work as a QA Consultant in his pharmaceutical company, I could guess that there was an aspect of his life that he was keeping away from the public. To get access to his office, you would often have to knock and wait for about 10 minutes. He carries a small parcel very close to his heart that not even his wife can touch it.
The man is very intelligent no doubt, for he has been able to put up a good administrative team that he pays handsomely to keep the business going. And it is interesting to listen to some of his thoughts about the world as they often re-echo those of the legendary Bob Marley.
After some few weeks in office, I complained about my boss’ behavior to a colleague while we were having office gossip.
“I am not comfortable working with a boss so unstable like Dr. Collins” I confessed, weighing my words as I watched his reaction.
“When I saw your resume, I was greatly surprised why you left your previous job to come and work in this firm,” he said. “Your previous company seems to be more stable” he ended.

“What do you mean by ‘seems to be more stable?’” I inquired in a state of surprise.
“Well, at least your ex-boss was stable and did not take risks in pushing the company forward.”
Now, I was becoming keenly interested as I thought of how I left my former job for better pay and the hope of a good future.
“What do you mean by this risk-taking,” I asked as I pushed my chair closer and apprehensive about this new information.
“We have all been wondering why you left your previous job for this one considering the status of your previous company with respect to this one that is relatively new.”
“And who are the‘we?’” I started to sweat fearing that what I’m about to hear may not be good.
He laughed as he replied, “you were just part of a plan to push the lifeline of the company to the next level, and the boss is known for taking calculated risks.”
“As you know he has a very smart executive team taking wise and business-friendly decisions and the decision to employ you was just to drive market value of the company up and secure the future of the company” he continued.
“They showed me charts and statistics that were profitable, and I checked about the company, and it looks promising. The boss seems revolutionary about his plans and wants to explore new frontiers” I interjected.
“Well your boss is a pot-smoking millennial, and it is believed that he gets most of his inspiration when he’s high” he laughed, looking straight into my bewildered eyes.
I wonder how someone as stoned as Dr. Collins can still get a pharmaceutical company with all its demands running without losing out in the market. Granted, he may be “unreasonable” to us sometimes and obviously unpredictable, he still manages to steer the ship of Lazaard Pharma to a safe harbor. His risk-taking instinct is second to none as he ends up getting by with it in a somehow miraculous manner. Perhaps, a little bit of pot isn’t bad for business after all.

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