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Afriplex, A Cannabis First for South Africa

Danie JC Nel, CEO, Afriplex, South Africa




October 20, 2020


7:27 am

The CEO of Afriplex, Danie Nel, while clarifying that the company is not the only cannabis cultivating outfit in South Africa, noted that it is, however, the only licensed pharmaceutical company to extract and process marijuana for the South African market. In his words, ...

"There is a difference between a cultivating license for cannabis (obviously for medical use) and a processing license. The cultivators are going to conform to GAP, and that is where they stop. They are not allowed to go into the GMP of processing." "On the processing side, the minimum requiremen... Read More →

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"Our culture will look back on the prohibition of #cannabis with shame, but as cannabis turns out to be a powerful tool in the management of #COVIDsymptoms, the truth is that its absence from the medical arsenal is simply and completely unethical".

Benjamin Caplan, MD
Chief Medical Officer, CED Foundation
Boston, MA

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