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Dinner Party, $1,000 Plate, Infusing with Chef Guy Kramer

Chef Guy Kramer, Founder, The Green Chef, Toronto, Canada




October 20, 2020


7:49 am

Cannabis in cooking for so many is an excellent way to savour and enjoy the product. Many varieties of edibles provide consumers with a great buzz while enjoying a favourite meal. ...

Guy Kramer, a Toronto-based cannabis food infusion chef, disclosed to us how he makes his meals so unique, saying, "I focus on, amongst other things, in personalized catering." In particular, during a pandemic crisis in every city around the world and with more people huddled at home, personalized c... Read More →

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Japan based Hiro International has produced CBD Oil from orange peels. They recently unveiled the product at the Cosme Tokyo Cosmetics Trade show. Reports indicate it’s a THC-free cannabidiol (CBD) oil product dubbed Orange CBD as an alternative to hemp-based CBD. According the company the product is made from a compound that can be found in orange peels. The company claims that it is exactly the same as hemp derived CBD, and they can guarantee it does not contain THC. Japan has very strict laws regarding any products containing THC, it’s totally illegal.

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