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“The Benefits of Cannabis are Just Amazing” - Jennifer Van Zandt

Jennifer Van Zandt, Cannabis Activist, California, USA




October 20, 2020


7:48 am

As scientific research about the use of cannabis for medicinal purpose continues, a California-based cannabinoids (CBD) and cannabis activist, ...

Jennifer Van Zandt has extolled the usefulness of medical marijuana describing it as “Just amazing.” While recalling her first encounter with the plant, the HempRadio cohost said “cancer patients who are looking for a stronger dose to manage pain at the end of life” can take advantage of it.... Read More →

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"The title "Master Grower" is really a loose term isn't it? Like I understand that's the title you have to have and even most "master growers" laugh at the idea but some don't including hiring managers and lets think of it. If you only know 1 genus in a family of plants are you a "master". Do you know how to grow hops or roses just as well as Cannabis and did you know they're from the same family even or do you just know Cannabis. It's kind of like calling yourself "stairway to heaven master" or "wonderwall master" because you only know those songs on guitar but you know them really really well because that's all you play and the guy at the coffee shop you work at calls you a master so you put it on your business card and now other people have to call you it too... It's just such a ridiculous title..."

Daryl McBride
Consultant, Ohana Farms
Vancouver, BC

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German delay, Coronavirus rationale

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Regulators in Germany are anticipating that the first domestic harvest of medical cannabis in Germany, scheduled for October, could be delayed because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

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