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Australia Set for Medical Cannabis Boom

Paul Mavor, Pharmacist, Health House Intl, Australia




October 20, 2020


7:46 am

The cannabis wave currently blowing across North Americaand other parts of the globe has not left Australia behind. ...

Responding to questions from a correspondent, Paul Mavor who is an Australian licensed pharmacist disclosed that “In the first couple of years (when Australia started embracing medical cannabis), we relied on Canadian import as the only medical cannabis… but now, we are just trying to grow canna... Read More →

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"Linking the cannabinoids supply chain to the standards of food&beverage and cosmetic industries needs adaptations today. Smart consumption of cannabinoids will be the need in a couple of years. Start to work on it now. hydrocolloids-cannabinoids complexes are an example of a smart concept to deliver cannabinoids in a more controlled manner."

Yahav Blaicher
Co-Founder, KANEH-B Cannabinoids
Shetula, Israel

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