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Odour Neutralizing Luxury Soy Candles

Luxe & Little manufactures three (3) special candles as a unique accessories company. Our signature product is Bubba & Daisy, an odour neutralizing candle for users of marijuana and hemp smoke products. Our candles are formulated with enzymes that remove the pungent smell from clothes and other fabrics as well as freshens the air in any room.

Made from a proprietary blend of special enzymes that traps and removes the odours instead of masking or covering them up.

Made in Canada | 100% Soy | All Natural | Premium Luxury Blend | Scented

Luxe & Little also has a popular fresh scent in an original formula and a tickle your senses from the past scent called Jive. Try them all, we’re sure you will love them! We guarantee that you’ve never experienced a scent like ours, as every item in our collection is an original and a special blend by us.

Our products provide sincere experiences for users, whether for medical or recreational purposes. Around the world, there are many like you and we are the inter-changer for unique candle scents from around the world.

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