The next big thing? Will it be a cannabis strain, a hemp product or CBG?

By: dryoiledible
Updated on: October 15, 2020 at 12:23 pm

At the end of 2019 CBG and flavonoids were being looked at the next two big things in the cannabis industry. 2020 was ushered in with style and a bang. The year of vision filled with promise and hope. It didn’t take long for it to all go sideways. By March 2020, the world was in crisis and countries went into shutdown mode due to a global pandemic Covid-19.

Today, as most parts of the world slowly start to re-open, we predict that the next big thing in
the cannabis industry will be Cannabis Tourism. Getting away for a much needed holiday will be first in mind and top of list. Or just maybe, any break or getaway would be welcomed as we emerge from lockdown and months of restrictions.Cannabis attracts everyone from engineers and lawyers to retail clerks and support workers.Cannabis Tourism comes in many forms and while a first-class trip to Europe or Jamaica may be on your wish list. The reality may be that joining a group of friends on a tour bus and heading for a tour of a winery or craft beer facility, could be just the postscript[ion] necessary.

Expected to start in the coming months, plans are being made for outdoor camps to spa events. From destination holidays at a cannabis hotel to staycations in major cities and small towns. Event planners are being creative in their marketing and presentation of these events. They can only be set up in areas where cannabis is legal and even then, there may be licenses to be obtained from the local municipality. Regardless of the obstacles, there’s a market ready for such events and the 17-billion-dollar North American industry in 2016 is forecast to exceed 70 billion worldwide in 2021.

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